Copper II Hybrid



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Copper II

Mattress and Flat Foundation:

King Set (3 pcs.) – $2,349
Queen Set – $1,849
Full Set – $1,829
Twin XL Set – $1,799
Twin Set – N/A

Mattress and Ease Foundation:

Split King Set (4 pcs.) – $4,947
King Set (3 pcs.) – $3,798
Queen Set (2 pcs.) – $2,578
Full Set – $2,538
Twin XL Set – $2,473.50
Twin Set- N/A

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Mattress (Half Foam/Half Springs): A hybrid mattress delivers the best of both worlds: memory foam on top for body-conforming comfort, with specially engineered springs underneath for full-body support.

UltraStretch High-Loft Knit Bold Colored Cover with Moisture-Wicking Technology: Premium-weight, lofty stretch knit fabric with soft spun yarn that allows the memory foam underneath to easily conform to your body. Side panels use a breathable border fabric that allows more airflow to help keep you more comfortable during the night.

Sealy Immersion Advanced Memory Foam with Chill: In the top half of the mattress, layers of gel memory foam for body-conforming comfort and reduced

motion transfer. Many models feature gel memory foam infused with cooling material to help keep you comfortable during the night.

Response Pro Zoned HD Encased Coil System: Premium version of our specially engineered encased coil system for even more precise and exceptional support. Encasing allows each coil to move independently, for more targeted support and reduced motion transfer. Nearly 20% more coils throughout respond to the natural curves and alignment of your spine, for exceptional full-body support. In the center zone, nearly 20% more coils for even better support where you need it most.

CoreSupport™ Premier Center: Premium version of our exclusive feature, with even more reinforced gel memory foam in the center third and nearly 20% more coils, for exceptional support and durability where you need it most.

DuraFlex™ Edge (Coil Edge): High-density, flexible coil border surrounding the mattress fir better edge support, more usable sleeping  surface and improved durability

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