Red Cedar Furniture

Amish Made
Solid Wood
Pest Resistant



Adirondack Chair: #CEDARADCHAIR – $165
Adirondack Rocker: #CEDARROCKER – $189
Adirondack Bench: #CEDARBENCH – $259
60″ Gliding Cedar Loveseat: #CEDARGLIDER60 – $529
Stationary Ottoman: #CEDAROTT – $79
Round End Table: #CEDARRDEND – $89
Side Table: #CEDARSIDETABLE – $89
Wishing Well (Large): #WISHINGWELL – $399

Our hand-crafted Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture is made of Aromatic Red Cedar.  Aromatic Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture withstands the weather when being used as patio furniture. It is a rot and insect resistant wood that is strong and durable.  The attractive nature of aromatic red cedar furniture makes it a popular choice for outdoor patio furniture as well as a more rustic indoor furniture for cabins and log homes. The cedar will weather over time; however, you can keep it looking fresh by conditioning it with oil or cedar conditioner. If left in the weather, it will turn to a silver grey but will not lose any of its structural integrity.

The scientific name for Aromatic Red Cedar, or Eastern Cedar, is Juniperus Virginiana; which is a species of juniper native to eastern North America. It can be found from southeastern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and east of the Great Plains.  Eastern or Aromatic Red Cedar has a thin, white sapwood that may alternate with stripes of heartwood.  The wood is straight and even-grained with a fine, uniform texture. The creamy white sapwood and light reddish or purplish heartwood ages to a darker red or reddish brown. It often contains numerous knots.


Our Red Cedar Outdoor Furniture is handcrafted by the Amish.