King Bed: #SUNRISEK – $1,059
7 Drawer Dresser: #4725-7DR – $1,689
Dresser Mirror: #6665 – $299
2 over 4 Chest: #4729 – $1,539
3 Drawer Nightstand: #9875 – $599
1 Drawer Nightstand: #4731-28 – $399

Also Available:

Queen Bed: #SUNRISEQ – $929
6 Drawer Dresser: #4725 – $1,519



King Bed: #SUNRISEK (80″W x 64″H x 88″D)
7 Drawer Dresser: #4725-7DR (66” W x 34″ H x 22” D)
Dresser Mirror: #6665 (48” W x 37” H)
2 over 4 Chest: #4729 (35” W x 53″ H x 22″ D)
3 Drawer Nightstand: #9875 (24” W x 25″ H x 20” D)
1 Drawer Nightstand: #4731 (24” W x 25″ H x 20” D)
Queen Bed: #SUNRISEQ (64” W x 64″ H x 87″ D)
6 Drawer Dresser: #4725 (66” W x 34″ H x 22” D)



The Hickory Sunrise Bedroom Suite is handcrafted by Amish craftsmen and provides a great rustic look. Hickory is our absolute favorite choice not only for its style, but also for its durability. It is one of the hardest woods available for furniture and is very scratch and dent resistant.

Our Hickory Sunrise Bed Suite comes in any size and has many different matching case pieces available. All the pieces shown here have ‘extra rustic’ character which means there are extra knots and other rustic characteristics to make this furniture even more unique. The Amish do an excellent job building this bed with smaller logs so that it takes up a minimal amount of space.

This is a great choice for smaller bedrooms so you can still get a complete log bed without sacrificing too much walking space.

This set is also very popular because of the dark-colored bark which makes it really stand out when put against light colored walls that are so common in many cabins.

All wood is shown in a natural stain.